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Becca Jean Photography

40 Days of Instagram Ideas

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Take your Instagram game to the next level with a mix of pre-written captions and customizable ideas. With 15 photo post ideas and 25 Reels ideas, you'll have a steady stream of engaging and high-quality content to share with your followers. These ideas are tailored specifically for family photography businesses, so you can be sure that you're sharing content that resonates with your target audience.

What is Included
  • 15 photo post ideas along with plenty of caption ideas and templates
  • 25 ideas for reels and quick tips on how to make them, along with caption ideas.
    40 Days of Instagram Ideas

    Coming up with ideas is tough!

    This is something that I hear from photographers all the time.

    And then they end up posting captions that are generic and don't invite conversation at all.

    So in this digital download, I'm giving you a mix of pre-written captions and customizable ideas, specifically tailored for family photography businesses.

    This will make creating Instagram content so much easier! No more staring at a blank screen, trying to come up with the perfect caption or idea.

    With "40 Days of Instagram Ideas", you'll have a steady stream of high-quality content to share with your followers, giving you the confidence and creativity you need to grow and connect with your followers.


    Will these captions and ideas work for my photography business?

    As long as you photograph families, these should work great for you! You can adjust them to fit your business and style.

    How do I use these?

    Copy the text from the included PDF and paste it into your instagram, and then tweak as needed! For the reels ideas, you can use those to figure out how to create engaging and informative reels.

    Do you offer refunds?

    Since this is a digital product, it can’t be returned so please be sure you are purchasing the correct product before checking out.

    Will you give me the visual content for my posts and reels?

    No, you will need to provide your own photos and videos. That part should be obvious, though, you are a photographer and threfore have your own content! But I will give you lots of great ideas for using the photos and video you have, and also give you ideas for how to create more videos for your reels.

    What photographers are saying about Becca's products

    Rebecca's email templates are concise and to the point. They are a great supplement to your business. The templates work you through each step of a communication with your client. From initial email, to all the details prior to the session, to after gallery delivery and even how to ask for great reviews. She thinks of every single detail or question your client can ask and offers the answers through these templates.


    I often struggle with how much information to give clients and what to say to them before a session. These email templates took that struggle away from me! Rebecca really lays out what to expect out of a session in these emails and it's definitely why Rebecca gets the natural and authentic moments from her clients. I'm so happy to now be able to offer this clear communication to my clients.

    ERIN S.

    Once again, Becca is generous with her knowledge and has created a gold mine for Client Correspondence emails.  If you are new to photography or a seasoned photog looking to really up your client game, I highly recommend these templates.  They are CHOCK FULL of knowledge, incredibly well worded and thoughtful.  She explains to her clients the before, during and after a session in a way every client can relate to, and every photographer can appreciate.

    SARA M.

    I have purchased Becca’s email templates bundle and it has saved my life! It’s professionally written and easily customizable for your business. The bundle saved me a lot of time and I strongly recommend it.