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Becca Jean Photography

Inner Light Presets - Lightroom Presets for Lifestyle Photographers

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The Inner Light Lightroom presets are for photographers who want to keep colors vibrant, while still giving your subjects creamy and glowing skin tones. These were specifically made with lifestyle photographers in mind. They have been tested on images taken at sunset, sunrise, in open shade, during cloudy and overcast days, and also inside with natural light and they will bring out the best in your photos in all conditions. 

So if you're looking for a way to take your photography to the next level, Inner Light Lightroom Presets are the perfect solution. With just a few clicks, you can give your photos the beautiful, bright colors and glowing skin tones that you've always dreamed of.


Required: Adobe Lightroom Subscription: LR Classic (v10.1.1+) Desktop Version

What is Included
  • 5 color Lightroom presets
  • 2 black & white Lightroom presets
  • 3 mask settings (sky, sun warmer, facebright)
  • Installation instructions

These presets are for the desktop version of Lightroom, not mobile

    Inner Light Presets - Lightroom Presets for Lifestyle Photographers

    Your new favorite Lightroom Presets

    This collection includes 7 beautiful presets for Lightroom desktop users. 5 in color and 2 in black & white.

    Colorful Lightroom Presets

    First, there are five different versions of the color Inner Light preset. They can be used for different lighting scenarios, but with a similar look so your editing will be consistent. Inner Light 1 and 2 give you contrast and deeper shadows, so it works great on images taken in brighter light, one is stronger than the other. Inner Light 3 is a lighter version so it works well in backlit images where you need to bring those shadows up. Inner Light 4 and 5 are warmer versions where one has a softer look and the other has more contrast.

    Black & White Lightroom Presets

    The black and white presets both have beautiful contrast, but one works best on brighter images, while the other works better on darker, moody photos.

    Bonus: Mask/Brush Settings

    I'm also including three of my favorite mask/brush settings!

    One is my sky brush, which will magically bring out the color and vibrancy of your skies (use this with a graduated filter). The second is something I call Facebright, and I use it with a radial filter over faces and bodies that need to be brightened, without brightening the entire image. And the third setting is my sun warmer, which I use with a radial filter when I want to bring out the color of the sun.

    As with all Lightroom presets, expect to do a little tweaking depending on the image.

    Required: Adobe Lightroom Subscription: LR Classic (v10.1.1+). Installation instructions are included with your download.


    Will these presets look good on my images?

    These Lightroom presets have been tested on photos in all different lighting situateions and they look great no matter what. Do keep in mind that if you aren't using good lighting, presets will not fix that. And as will all presets, some tweaking may be needed to get the desired effect (but I do use these for all m work and typically don't need to tweak more than exposure, white balance, maybe shadows, and masks).

    What white balance do you use to get this look?

    This will definitely depend on your camera and time of day/location, but I use Cannon Mirrorless cameras and am usually on either shade mode or around 7000 kelvin during sunset.

    Are these easy to install?

    Installing presets is pretty easy! I include instructions in your download that will walk you through it.

    Do you offer refunds?

    Since this is a digital product, it can’t be returned so please be sure you are purchasing the correct product before checking out.

    Are these presets only for the desktop version of Lightroom?

    Yes, you will need the desktop version of Lightroom Classic to use these.

    What photographers are saying

    These presets were so easy to use.  Becca includes great instructions for downloading and explanations on how to use them.  I love the boldness to the presets and the convenience of having the brushes for the sky, sun and faces.  If you are looking for a bold and warm set of presets, this is a wonderful option.  Thank you so much Becca!  You are so talented!


    Can I just say that I expected good presets for this price but these are on another level! They are amazing! I was struggling with an editing funk since I had to use my backup camera (let's just say not an amazing one) on a golden hour photoshoot and all of my personal presets were just not doing it hahaha ...You saved my a$$! 

    Sandrine P.

    The Inner light collection is packed full of goodies for any photographer! I love using both the presets and brush setting. The presets give you just the right amount of color and lighting correction. I believe that photographers with diverse editing styles will benefit from these presets. They give you a really good starting point and you can take it to any different style from there. The brush settings that come with the presets are really useful as well. I use them on almost all images as they give you a nice "pop". So worth it!


    I recently got the opportunity to test out Rebecca's presets before they were released to the public. I couldn’t wait to play around with some of my images. One word: obsessed!!!!! The presets are gorgeous and the brushes are a perfect addition. I love the vibrant colors, and creamy tones. Highly recommend these!